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Paramount Uniform® is excited to announce the PARATRAX® program, where every piece of rental clothing will have an RFID tag to ensure proper tracking of your uniforms.

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Our Team


Business Development

Cathy Philipps

 Director of Business Development

 P | 901-326-5335
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Chris Hill

 Business Development Manager                      Tennessee Territory                                            (Greater Memphis, Jackson, Dyersburg, Bolivar)

 P | 901-490-4510
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Mark Langley Jr.

 Business Development Manager                Central & Eastern Arkansas Territory                  (West Memphis, Jonesboro, Osceola,               Paragould, Wynne, Blytheville) 

  Northern Mississippi Territory                           (Hernando, Byhalia, Senatobia)

 P | 901-832-2123
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Charlotte Harris

Route Accounting

P | 901-259-1181
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Jonathan Gordon

Marketing & Communications Manager

P | 901-258-1189
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Ashley Going

Accounts Payable 

P | 901-259-1191

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Julie Lloyd

Direct Sales

P | 901-259-1193

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Gregg Lawson

Service Coordinator

P | 901-359-6755
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Dave Kopinski

Plant Manager

P | 901-382-4411
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Mickey Harlow


P | 901-382-4411