Paramount Uniform® is excited to announce the PARATRAX® program, where every piece of rental clothing will have an RFID tag to ensure proper tracking of your uniforms.

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Our Polo Shirt Solution

The only dimples are in our smiles.

When our customers began to prefer polo shirts as rental products, we were happy to meet the demand. Right away, though, a problem showed up. As the polo shirts dried, dimples showed up at the shoulders — standing puckers — because our basic hangers were too short for the shirts. As the shirts dried, the dimples stayed.

We identified this problem quickly, realized it came from the different fabrics in the polos as well as in the size of the hangers, and started looking for a solution. This proved to be more difficult than we had first imagined.

Finally working with a hanger supply company, we were able to obtain 20-inch hangers, which extended past the shirts' shoulder seams. Those hangers turn down slightly so that there wasn't such a sharp corner at the shoulder.

Then another challenge surfaced: the wider hanger was too wide to travel through our steam tunnel.

Our production team then went to work, modifying the entry and exit dimensions to allow the hanger to pass through successfully.


And there were smiles all around.
Why work so hard to remove puckers? We aren't satisfied unless we know our customers will be satisfied.