Paramount Uniform® is excited to announce the PARATRAX® program, where every piece of rental clothing will have an RFID tag to ensure proper tracking of your uniforms.

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Program Options


Garment Rental

Garment rental provides many tangible benefits to the customer.  A rental service allows companies to have a uniform image, professionally cleaned garments, garments that provide security for their customers, and in many cases it is a benefit for the employee.  In addition, some garment selections are designed and crafted for employee safety such as Flame Resistant and Hi-Visibility garments.

All of our programs are custom designed for each client.  This is an incredible value to companies:  no upfront investment on the part of the customers and no reorders of garments - just a nominal weekly rental fee per employee. Garments are professionally cleaned each week and are returned ready-to-wear on hangers to the wearer.  Our laundry service is the most modern in the city, using up-to-date equipment and the latest technology.  

New Hires are added within one week after we size the employee.  Garments with normal wear and tear are replaced at no charge.  Size changes are provided for a low fee. 

Garment Rental is a terrific way for a company to maintain a consistent image for their employees at a minimal cost.

A full-service rental uniform program includes:

  • Garment Processing - What you turn in dirty one week gets washed and delivered back clean then next!
  • Repairs - If you have a broken button, ripped pants, a small hole, or need a shorter hem, we will fix it!
  • Replacement - We have a thorough inspection process to make sure that every garment we deliver looks good - if not, we'll replace it!
  • Inventory Management - We'll collect cancelled garments and ensure new orders get delivered quickly.
  • Optional Insurance Programs - Some customers like to know their invoice will never fluctuate and for them we offer GMP (Garment Maintenance Protection) and GLP (Garment Loss Protection).  For a minimal cost, you can insure you'll never pay for any damaged or lost garments.  This makes the budgeting process much simpler.


Lease Program

Some clients prefer to launder their own garments but still need consistent garment replacements, repairs, and upgrades for normal wear and tear.  Paramount Uniform provides a lease arrangement for these situations. Basically, with a lease program, you are receiving all the perks of a rental program, minus the laundry feature.  

This results in a lower cost to the customer. The lease works well for some clients.  Both full rental with laundry and lease offer benefits to companies seeking to improve their image.

Direct Purchase

Some of our clients like to purchase their garments directly for their employees, and Paramount Uniform provides this feature to be widely available. We have many styles and colors of garments for clients to choose from.  The purchase programs have the same access to all of the same garment decoration options as the Lease and Rental programs:  Direct Embroidery as well as sewn-on Embroidered and Screen Printed Emblems.