Paramount Uniform® is excited to announce the PARATRAX® program, where every piece of rental clothing will have an RFID tag to ensure proper tracking of your uniforms.

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Tracking Garments

Introducing Paramount's solution to tracking garments


Garment Tracking Accuracy

In the uniform rental industry one of the most common complaints from customers is shortages, or unreturned garments from the previous week.  At Paramount Uniform we are solving the problem.  We are investing in the latest technology and addressing this critical issue.  

Hand-counting and bar-coding are the standard garment tracking methods used in the uniform rental industry.  All bar codes require a line of sight to be scanned.  If the garment has been washed over and over again the bar code tag will fade, leading to miss-scanned uniforms and unreliable counts.  Hand counting is dependent upon human accuracy.

The Solution!

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the high tech answer to bar coding.  Precise tracking eliminates delivery inaccuracies for our customers.  The installation of RFID chips improves all areas of production such as processing, garment repair, inventory control and special requests.


What is an R.F.I.D. Chip?

The chip is about the size of a dime and individually identifies each garment issued to our individual customers.  RFID identification chips have a specific number assigned to them and must not be removed from the garments.

Where is the chip located on garments?

We are placing the chips in the waistband of all pants and in the tail of all shirts.

Is the Chip Safe?

The chip is harmless.  RFID uses the same technology as credit cards and employee identification badges.  No frequency is emitted from the chip until it is placed in front of power-supplying antennae.  This new technology is the vision of the future.